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Type Rating Revalidation and Renewal

If you need a Type Rating Renewal or Revalidation on the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 then Jet Flight Training can help you.

We have over 30 years training and examining experience behind us, and we specialise in helping pilots from all over the world with a dedicated service to revalidate or renew existing or lapsed type ratings. We can carry out any refresher training you might need which can be combined with an LPC detail.

A Type Rating Revalidation or Renewal requires a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC).
If you hold both an EASA licence and a UK licence, one check can be used for both licences.

Type Rating Revalidation

The EASA and UK Type Rating Revalidation terms are covered in FCL740A.
A revalidation is where an LPC is carried out before the expiry date of your current rating.
You can take an LPC within the 3 months prior to the expiry date of your current rating and the new expiry date will be an extension of 12 months to your current expiry.

The LPC consists of a pre flight briefing and typically 2 hrs Full Flight Simulator (FFS) time per pilot. We provide a pilot monitoring free of cost if you are alone.

Please contact us to make an enquiry.

Type Rating Renewal

The EASA and UK Type Rating Renewal terms are covered in FCL.740A and also AMC1 740(b) and AMC1 740A (b)(1)(ii)

If you take an LPC after your rating has expired it is known as a renewal.

The common question asked with renewals is "Do I need any Refresher Training"
The simple answer to this question is the ATO decides if you need any refresher training in order to pass an LPC and have a level of proficiency to safely operate the aircraft. We are a UK approved ATO and we are required to make an assessment based on your experience to determine if refresher training is required. It may be none is required.

We ask clients to complete a flying hours experience form and based on the information you provide we can determine fairly accurately if or what refresher training will be required.

Alternatively we can conduct a simulator assessment to see whether you can undertake a proficiency check to renew the rating immediately or whether you will need to take refresher training first.

You can download our flying hours experience form here.

Proficiency check and Administration

Prior to your LPC we will notify your CAA that we will be undertaking an LPC for you. We will complete your authorities paperwork and after successful completion of the check our examiner will sign your licence on the ratings page with a new expiry date.

There are some authorities that do not allow us to sign a licence and in this case they will issue a new licence to you.

We will then forward a copy of all of the relevant paperwork to your CAA and also copy to you to keep for your records.

Need any Help or Advice ?

If you need any advice please email us, especially if you need help with the EASA regulations regarding renewal terms for lapsed ratings, Part-FCL740(a)(b(1)b(2))

Approved by all EASA Member States and many ICAO states

We are approved to conduct checks for licence holders from the UK and all of the EASA member states and also many ICAO authorities including CASA and SACAA. We can assist you with all of the administration and paperwork required for submission to your Civil Aviation Authority.

We regularly conduct checks on behalf of the DGAC France, AESA Spain, ANAC Portugal, ENAC Italy, Holland, Belgium, IAA, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Greece and we are conversant with their administration systems.

Simulator Checks available on the Boeing 737 300-900 and Airbus A320

LPC - Licence Proficiency Check - Revalidation and Renewal
LST - Licence Skills Test - For Issue of a Type Rating
ATPL Skills Test - To upgrade from CPL
ATPL Skills Test - For Issue of an EASA licence
MPL to ATPL Skills Test
Refresher Training.

And Finally..

It is worth mentioning that we are not brokers, we are a UK approved training organisation (ATO) and all enquiries are dealt with by our training team and not by a commercial team.

Our ATO Approval

Our ATO approval number is GBR.ATO-0260


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