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Dear Howard

Many thanks again for arranging my recent A320 renewal. You provided excellent, prompt communication throughout the process and your approach to the training was both pragmatic and helpful. Doug was a professional, friendly instructor and examiner and the simulator facilities were top notch. A highly recommended service.

Captain Jake Waterson
Airbus A320 LPC Renewal on UK licence. Completed 4 November 2021
Ex RAF Tornado pilot, experienced A320 Captain flying in China


Dear Howard

The training experience as a whole with Jet Flight Flight Training was the best I've ever had, the instructors and training facilities were great.

The organisation and simulator timings were excellent, allowing plenty of time to get a healthy start to the day and to self study in the evenings.

When our initial LST booking didn't quite work out due to the examiners availability, Cpt Doug was happy to change our last training day so that is was closer to the LST, thus allowing us an extra day off and more importantly a quick refresher to brush up closer to the License Skill Test.

All in all the training experience was thoroughly enjoyable.
Base Training was slightly delayed so we decided it would be a good idea to have an hour each of circuit training in the sim the week before. Jet Flight Training were very accommodating to the idea and even gave a us a special rate and the Base training was a huge amount of fun.

I have been accepted on an Employment Program organised by one of JFT partner's.

Further to my personal experience every person I've spoke who have dealt with Jet Flight Training say their quality of training is very good and I absolutely agree.

Many thanks Cpt Howard and Cpt Doug for all your help and best wishes for the future.

Gareth Hawkridge
Airbus A320 Type Rating. Completed December 2018
Low houred pilot


Dear Howard and Doug
lo and tell you that I'm currently flying the 737 since the 3rd of December on EuroAtlantic airways.
It's Kornel from Poland. I had a privilege to be your and Doug's student on my Type Rating Course in 2009 (I know you remember). It's been 2 years now since I was promoted to the Captain position in my current airline (after quite difficult selection and examinations) which counts 400+ pilots, as a youngest captain at that time. I am writing to thank you and Doug for the superb and professional TR training, which without doubt improved my skills that I use in my everyday flying as a captain. Still learning though, and I hope I will have this privilege to be your student again on my SFI course.

K Palgan
Boeing 737 Captain 2018
Low houred pilot in 2009


Dear Howard and Douglo and tell you that I'm currently flying the 737 since the 3rd of December on EuroAtlantic airways.
I would like to thank you for the great training on my Boeing 737 800 course last June 2017. I have now got my first job flying with EuroAtlantic Airways.

The type rating was great and I want to thank you both for the training, I could not have asked for better training.

You are all top class Instructors and in all my years of aviation I have never had such good Instructors like you, I learnt so much.

Pedro Elvas
Boeing 737 Type Rating Course. Finished August 2017
Low Houred Pilot
Low houred Pilot


Dear Jet Flight

Thank you for your outstanding service and I had a great experience at Burgess Hill.

Capt James was amazing and I will be back in 3 years time for my EASA A320 renewal.

Thank you for replying to all my emails and your help.

William R (Brazil)
A320 EASA ATPL Skills Test 29 Nov 2016


Dear Mike

I wanted you to know how pleased I was with the outstanding service you have given me.

My LPC was testing as it should be, but on meeting James your TRE he immediately made me feel at ease and took out the stress of the LPC, with a very positive outcome. I have under taken four Type rating course and many LPC’s and OPC’s and I can’t praise James highly enough.

I would also like to mention that I have been most impressed with Jet Training as a provider of type training. Unfortunately, I under took my A320 as a self sponsored candidate a year ago at an establishment that just met the EASA requirements. Having sat in on a ground school run by Doug your chief flying instructor, I was extremely impressed by him, and that not only do the students have the normal CBT training but it is also instructor led with the use of a flat panel trainer, and the fact the Jet Training offers 52 hours simulator training over the 40 hours. This can only lead to better qualified pilots if this is their first foray into Airline Type ratings.

Had I known of Jet Training at the time of going on my course, the additional cost involved over the cheaper TRTO’s, I would have not hesitated to have spent the additional cost. This sum was only £2000.00 and not having to go overseas would have been an additional advantage.

I am more than happy to recommend your company to anyone looking for revalidation, initial type training, airline interviews and any other training service you provide.

B Clubley
A320 LPC Renewal 30 Nov 2015


Dear Doug,
Matt and James.

I would like to say how satisfied I am about the excellent training. As you know I had conducted an A320 rating 9 years ago, but then went on to fly the Dash 8 and Lear 45. But with this course I can honestly say I have never received such a brilliant training course before.

What this Type Rating course makes so perfect is how the Instructors are respectful, friendly, fully motivated and helpful and they are all experienced as airline Captains which makes it so worthwhile as I received the highest standard of training. I would like to thank my Instructors and Matt for all his support and help. If I know anybody at home needing a rating I will recommend Jet Flight.

Thank you for everything.

Chris Korff
A320 course - July 2015


Hi Matthew,

I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for your assistance with my LPC. I was impressed with your efficient, friendly and helpful manor you operate and look forward to doing business with you again.

C Knight - June 2015


To everyone at Jet Flight.

Thank you for renewing my LPC last week.

In July 2010 I finished my Boeing 737 Type Rating with you. I had just 300 hours total flying time and you arranged Line Training for me.

Last month I was promoted to Captain on the Boeing 737 900 at Lion Air and I now have 3500 hrs experience on the aircraft.

I cannot thank you guys enough for helping me over the past few years with my career, I would recommend Jet Flight to any aspiring pilot.

Captain C H Leung. June 2015


Dear Captain

First of all thank you for everything and congratulations for your high standards school and for your very nice instructors.

F Paradiso - A320 course finished 28 February 2015


The A320 course has been great and training has been very enjoyable, especially the sim part.

We would like to say thanks so much for everything, the base training was such a good experience , we had so much fun and was unbelievable that finally we could fly a real plane .

C Molari - A320 course finished 30th July 2013 - Low houred Italian female pilot


I would like to tell you that I am very pleased from the training I received from your training organisation and that I would recommend it to other pilots.

Kind Regards
Demetris Paraskeva

Boeing 737 course finished 27 February 2013 - Low houred pilot.


Friendly, experienced staff. Really helped me through the sim sessions.
Great quality of training throughout. Highly recommended.
Their support after the course meant I was offered a job with a UK airline within 2 months.

JS - A320 course finished December 2011 - Instructor with 1700 hours


I did my licence skill test on A320 for ATPL issue with Jet Flight Training.

I met high level of expertise right from the first contact.
The process of scheduling the session is plain and simple.
Also the management sorted out all unexpected formalities with Irish Aviation Authorities (I am getting ATPL in Ireland) in the shortest time.
Getting through the test itself turned out to be valuable experience for me rather than stressful check ride. The session went smoothly as well as briefing and debriefing.
Will recommend  JIFT to pilots with different experience.

F Sidorenko Jet multi crew flight time 2800 hours (Russia) - 27 March 2010


I am extremely happy with the training provided by Jet Flight & Instructor Training Ltd.
As a Flying Instructor it is very easy to see the devotion of all of the Instructors and the Quality of the training provided.

I would highly recommend this TRTO to anyone looking for somewhere to get a Type Rating or complete a Differences Course.

J Cameron.
B737 Course finished 28 Dec 2009 - 2000 hrs total time - Flying Instructor


In my opinion this organistaion is excellent, well organised, and the high standard of Instruction could not be bettered anywhere.

The training and organization of the course was very efficient and most enjoyable.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jet Flight & Instructor Training to anybody.

B Wellington - B737 Course finished 14 May 2009 - 4800 hrs total time,
Boeing 767 rated previously.


A very well organised TRTO, friendly staff who have a vast amount of knowledge.
The instructors are very helpful and patient.
The course was run without any delays, very pleased with Jet Flight Training.

S Chauhan - B737 Course finished 14 May 2009 - Low Houred Pilot.


The staff at Jet Flight Training gave a very high level of service. The organisation of the course, the Briefings and De Briefings and the Instruction and all of the handouts were exceptional.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at JFIT and can confidently build on the knowledge and experience that was gained during my time there.

C Cunnington - B737 Course finished 16 Dec 2008 - Low Houred Pilot.


Completed the 737 Type Rating and Line Flying Program (500hrs)
Now working for Air Slovakia. Brilliant Training all round, thanks for all your help.

AM. - Low Houred Pilot. Nov 2008


I have just completed 300 hours of Line Training on the 737, which was an excellent experience, and walked straight into a job with Jet2com. Brilliant. I would recommend any self improver to do this course.

RH. - Low Houred Pilot. May 2008


My 737 Type Rating was completed by the most friendly, professional and enthusiastic staff I have encountered in my limited flying career. I conducted some sim assessment training with Jet Flight Training, which has helped me to get a job with a new start up airline at Cardiff called Fly for Beans.

GS - Instructor with 1500 hrs.


I completed a 737 Type Rating and instantly secured a job at British Midland on an Airbus ! Jet Flight & Instructor Training have helped me get my dream job, and cannot recommend them enough.

SL. - Low Houred Pilot.


My 757 Type Rating was conducted very professionally and on schedule.
Within a week I was offered a job at DHL.

AT. - Low Houred Pilot.


Completed a 737 Type Rating. These guys really know what they are doing.
Working at FlyGlobesapn, got the job within 4 weeks of the Type Rating.

DT. - Low Houred Pilot.



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